Fill balloons up with water, freeze them and use them to cool down bottles of drinks in ice buckets for summer BBQs! When the water melts, it obviously stays inside the balloon, so chuck it back in the freezer and use it again.

You know at music concerts and festivals they often have a huge balloon drop? Why not create a small sized version in your front room for a birthday celebration or similar event? Little kids love it!

Get your hands on some safe and unbreakable LEDs, pop them inside a balloon and inflate it. They look amazing at night in your garden. These are ideal and massively romantic for summer evenings when the sun starts to go down.

Use inflated balloons as moulds for things. They’re not only papier mache you know; you can use twine, string and other materials too! Pop!

Fill them with water & food colouring, put them in your freezer and after a few hours you’ve got dinosaur eggs! Great for a Jurassic themed party!

For more ideas, take a look at this Buzzfeed article about 32 unexpected things that you can do with balloons, and why not give a few of the ideas a try yourself. We love the giant lollipop one! If you’ve got any other ideas please share them with us on our Facebook page. You know where to come for your supplies!