Selection boxes aren’t just for Christmas! We have fireworks selection boxes which are perfect for a variety of fireworks options. They’re all discounted too; check out the Imperial Firework Selection Box, an excellent selection including rockets, wheels, barrages, fountains and roman candles, now with £49 off! That’s perfect for a larger display but what if you’re having a more intimate occasion?

Our most popular selection of fireworks includes wheels, small barrages, fountains and roman candles. The Giant Bonfire Box exceeds all expectations for effects and value for money. If you’d rather have something easy to light so you and your guests don’t have to fuss around, try our single ignition fireworks. Whilst the ‘Zombie Slayer’ by name fits more with a Walking Dead party than a wedding, it’s half price at £29.99 and offers 37 shots of silver purple & blue with gold glitter!

Another romantic name (!), the Satanic Desecration is a thrilling barrage of noise, colour and spectacular brocade bursts and other effects that you would expect from a Bright Star barrage. Great value for money with over £30 off, you can preview it here!

If your wedding is themed to a certain colour we can probably find a selection of fireworks which work with your theme! Don’t forget, we have fantastic wedding supplies too! Save yourself some money and put on your own fireworks display with the help of Party Fever! Have a wonderful wedding!