What will be the season-end fate for Team Rick? Will there be a major death that will shake the very core of the show? Will Negan ever show up? Make sure your Walking Dead inspired costume is up to scratch. This easy-to-wear Ladies Zombie T-shirt is so simple - just don our Zombie t-shirt with sublimation print, a touch of special fx make-up & you’re good to go!

To ensure super-scary effects, use our Zombie Room Roll. It’s perfect for decorating your house into a spooky haunted mansion. In addition, we have great scene setters which bring the atmosphere of the room rolls to life even more! These scene setters are made of plastic, so suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

For extra effects, take a gander at these crazy lenses which give your eyes the perfect zombie look! Add a bit of fake skin for extra zombieness – professional quality make up that can create torn zombie skin, make realistic wounds, paint on flat for a "dead" skin effect and is great for use as an adhesive. We’ve also got a wide range of special FX ideas for you!

See the show out in style for another year with some fireworks. We’ve got the perfect option for you & its half price! The Zombie Slayer 37 Shot Barrage will get rid of any remaining walkers at the end of the night!

Let us know who you think will live, who’ll become a zombie & where the season will finish over on our Facebook page! Come on Rick & co, we love you! #zombies