Whist we love putting together the elegant Valentine's Day balloon bouquets and creating our awesome window displays, we wanted to focus on the little things you can do the let your loved one know just how much you care. These aren't only for the day of love either, use them all year round!


Send your spouse a short, sweet & possibly sexy text message or email. Just don't send it to a work email!


Leave a little note in their briefcase, handbag or wallet, somewhere they'll definitely see it during the day. A few words about how much you love them will put a smile on their face. You could even include a Valentine's Day bag of their favourite sweets.


Make them breakfast in bed. A couple of flowers from the garden in a vase earns you bonus points!


Treat them to something they've been thinking about buying for themselves but haven't got round to or couldn't justify the price.


Make them a mug with your photo on, or their favourite quote, or lyrics from 'your' song. Did you know we do personalised gifts in Harrogate?


Do one of the chores that are usually theirs. Whether it's washing the car, doing the laundry or taking out the rubbish.


Bake them some biscuits. Find cookie cutters here.


Pack a picnic of all your favourite foods and enjoy an afternoon together. Include some of the biscuits you made from above!


Meet them from work and walk/travel home together, hand in hand, discussing events of the day.


Watch the sun set together or wake up early to watch it rise.


These are just a handful of the thousands of ways you can show love to your significant other. Share with us over on Facebook your favourite ways to let them know how much you care and use this week to plan a super Valentine's Day. Much love!