Why not plan a little treasure hunt for your loved one, with the help of our Valentine’s Day Organza bags? Hide them round the house and make your partner follow a trail with clues until they find you in the kitchen with a special breakfast.

Another idea for you, especially if you’re on a budget this year, is to grab one of our heart shaped cookie cutters and just bake a batch of your loved ones favourite biscuits. Remember, it’s the thought, time and effort that counts rather than the monetary value and there’s nothing quite like a lovely homemade biscuit to dunk in your tea!

If you’re hosting a party this Valentine’s Day, why not make it a ‘traffic light’ party? Grab a load of red, orange and green balloons, get them inflated with helium, and when your guests arrive they have to string a balloon to their clothing. Red if they’re seeing someone, orange if they might be interested in meeting someone and green if they’re single and ready to mingle. Sound good?

We also have love heart confetti, red crepe streamers, garlands, banners and plenty of other balloons! Don’t forget our Valentine’s Love Kit which contains a ‘Do Not Disturb’ door hanger, a red bowtie, a love ribbon and naughty blindfold. Have fun planning your Valentine’s Day & a great time on the day itself. Lots of love from the Party Fever team! x