Valentines Balloon

Have a look at the new Balloon Service page at what we have to offer for Valentine's.  Our super sized 36" heart is the perfect way to send your lurve message this Valentine's Day. 

Over the years we've been asked to write some unusual messages, including a marriage proposal, so we're no strangers to the pet names you have for your 'Sweet Cheeks' , 'Twinkle Toes', 'Stud Muffin'.  However a few of you are a little shy at requesting what you really want writing on the balloons so how perfect that you can now go online in complete anonymity and order your balloon.  We've teamed up with our award winning friends at Sugar Therapy too so you can send a delicious gift to your 'Sugar Puss' with their Valentine balloons, choose from indulgent chocolate brownies, melt-in-the mouth macaroons or a hand made cupcake!

Take a look at our fun items on the Valentine's page too.  How about leaving a trail of rose petals for your Huggy Bear leading them to a romantic table for two or upstairs to a relaxing bath.

Or for a bit of fun you could just wrap your Tarzan's sarnies up in our fun Valentine's cello bags, adorned in red and pink hearts.

However you celebrate Valentine's Day, spread a little love and happiness and have some fun!

Valentine Heart Balloon to personalise