Tidying Up - Don’t worry too much about tidying up all day before the party. We all know as well as the next party goer that as soon as you tidy up your kids are making a mess somewhere else, and if you don’t have kids, you simply spot another area that needs tidying. A quick 15 clean up before any party will put your mind at ease and you could even use these simple fake clean house suggestions. In reality, you’re only going to have to sort it out again after the party!

Who To Invite? - You need to make sure there is space for people to move. Don’t squash them in like sardines. Usually, about 20% of people won’t be able to make it, so you’ll then know how much food you need to sort out. Get your guests mingling too; crowds tend to gather around food, so having a few spaces around the place where snacks are available will help keep people moving. Remove chairs; that way there’s no sitting down & they have to mingle!

Get The Drinks In - If it’s a party for the grown-ups, the perfect formula to stick to bar wise is 50% beer, 25% wine, 25% spirits. That way there is something for everyone. Get a couple of bottles of soft drinks too, for those designated drivers and such. Figure out the amount of wine you’ll need for an elegant dinner party by using a wine bottle calculator. If you’re on a budget, Bring Your Own Booze (BYOB) is an option which shouldn’t offend anyone. For kids’ parties, individual drinks in bottles (water/coke/fruit shoot type things) minimise possible spillages.

Music - You don’t want to be the DJ all night, plus you won’t play everyone’s favourite songs. So hand it over to a Spotify party playlist, or use on of the several apps that let your guests contribute to the party playlist like DJ 51 (Android/iOS). Respect your neighbours too, or you might not get an invite to their next party and they might not turn their music off at a ‘decent’ time either!

Ensure You Have Supplies - Simple things turn a party into a P-A-R-T-Y, including decorations, balloons & tableware. Trust the range that we have at Party Fever and stock up ahead of celebrations to make sure you’re not running out to the shop last minute. From fantastic fancy dress costumes and birthday candles, to party bag fillers and every balloon you can imagine, we have something for every party!

Enjoy fantastic shindigs throughout 2016!