Surprise or no surprise?

Children mature at different rates and what some will love, others will hate. You know your children and if they’d love a surprise party, do it! If they would get embarrassed, hate surprises or you know they’d love to be part of the planning, get them involved from the start. The size of the party is key too; some kids would love a huge bash whilst others would enjoy a more intimate gathering or friends. Both ways of celebrating are special but just ensure that they will be comfortable.

Make a playlist.

If you’re party planning together, make sure you know the kind of music that will be played, you don’t want swear words banging through the walls if Granny is sat in the kitchen! If it’s a surprise party, get someone close to the age of 16 to help, they’ll know what’s in the charts and you don’t have to drop in any embarrassing classics. You could even hire a DJ; just make sure they take requests!

Stay Out The Way.

Everyone knows it, parents aren’t ‘cool’. Whilst you’ll want to be in the house or at the venue to ensure everything is going to plan and everyone is safe, make sure to keep out the way for the majority of the party if your kids want you to. You can pop in and out with food and when presents are being opened, of course, but remember, there’s nothing quite like a dancing dad to kill a teenage celebration!

Give the party an end time.

You don’t want kids hanging around too late, nor do you want parents ringing up wondering where their children are. By putting an end time on the invitations, everyone knows what the deal is. You could even get a couple of the closest friends to stay over.

Big party or little party, make sure you decorate!

We have so many amazing party supplies for the 16th birthday party here at Party Fever HQ. From balloons and confetti to banners and bunting, don’t forget your decorations! Have fun party planning!