Every superhero needs a bad guy. Why not get one of the slightly-more-bonkers members of the family to dress up like a villain? Put the guests through some superhero training beforehand to ensure they are up to the challenge! Perhaps the villain will have captured someone who requires saving, maybe even surrounding them with sharks!


Create some fun filled party bags, including these superhero finger flyers so your guests can continue being super when they get home. Make sure to include a slice of cake as well, don't forget that our top quality range includes cake decorations & candles!


The guys over at Buzzfeed have a great list about how to throw the best superhero party, it's definitely worth a look! We adore the simple balloon garlands & those superhero cocktails would be perfect for the adult-only after party!


Let us know any other superhero party ideas you have, over on Twitter.


Beat the bad guy, release the prisoner, save the world, keep the change! Ka-pow!