Our rainbow themed party-ware is great for fun without too much fuss. Table covers, paper plates, balloons and more, perfect for a family gathering. Our pink stripe paper plates are classed as 'heavy duty' so they won't buckle under the weight of those vol-au-vents that you're famous for making!


If there's a birthday to celebrate this summer, our Ice Cream Happy Birthday balloon is perfect. It looks good enough to eat, but there's no worry about it melting! The balloon has a self-sealing valve and can either be filled with helium, tied and weighted or filled with air and attached to a balloon stick. Continue the theme with our Ice Cream Piñata, perfect for party games!


Have fun with face paints this summer too. We've got a great range of face paints, from the industry leaders Snazaroo. It's a brand preferred by professionals due to its high quality, it is easy to apply and remove and is a water based product. Take a look on Pinterest for ideas of what to paint on those faces, some of which you might want to save for Halloween!


You know by now that we have loads of balloons in stock. As well as being awesome to decorate venues and create a party atmosphere, you can enjoy fantastic games with balloons. Surprise Pop is a game where you blow up loads of balloons but you fill some of them with treats, like sweets, lollipops, little toys. Things for our party bag fillers range would be great for this! The children (ok, and grown ups!) then work hard to pop the balloons to find the goodies. To keep things fair, have them collate everything together so it can be shared equally at the end. Take a look at other balloon games here.


With plenty of supplies for festivals, cake decorations and personalised sashes for those hen party weekends, we've got you covered this summer! Enjoy the sunshine and school holidays everyone!