We like the call the next idea, Dead Famous. Bring your favourite dead celebrity back from the grave or zombify your favourite living celebrity! We have super special FX latex, make up and theatrical blood, all of which will aid the look. There’s also a whole host of celebrity masks for you to choose from, including One Direction, David Walliams and even Elvis!

Turn your house into a haunted one. Grave stones in the front garden, skulls on the windows and make sure to go to town with the caution tape! A top tip is to switch any outdoor lights to coloured ones, blood red works especially well on Halloween! Once inside, make sure the rooms are decorated with our Haunted Mansion Room Rolls, or opt for the zombie ones if you’ve been watching The Walking Dead! Keep lighting on the dim side and get your hands on some scary soundtracks, including screams, then wait for the perfect moment to pop out the closet as the Grim Reaper! Tailor your haunted house so it is less scary if little ones are invited, they don’t need nightmares!

For something a little different, how about throwing a Masquerade ball? Whilst it’s obviously a fancy dress party, it can be an altogether more elegant affair. Will your party have a theme? Costumes are optional, masks a must! Include a costume competition so the stakes on fancy dress are raised and make sure to get some trophies for the winners. Don’t forget the music, what ball is complete without dancing? To save someone DJing all night, ask your guests to send suggestions through before the party so you can build your own Spotify playlist, just make sure Monster Mash is on there! Whatever you get up to, let us know over on our Facebook page.

Don’t forget, we have a whole range of Halloween fancy dress for men, women & children, as well as Halloween lenses, make up, costume accessories, trick or treat items, decorations and tableware. Have a awesome All Hallow’s Eve!