Use our range of cookie cutters to add extra excitement to your Pancake Day this year. Our cutters come in loads of shapes, including: rockets, fish, flowers, trains and teddy bears! Make sure you have plenty of exciting additions so the kids can add eyes and other details to the teddy bear pancakes.


We also have a number one cutter which is ideal for showing someone that they are your number one. So sweet you won't need any syrup!


What you do need to remember is to spray the inside of the cookie cutter with non-stick spray before you place on the pan and fill it with batter. Otherwise it will quickly stick to the cutter and when you pull it away, the batter will come with it, ruining the desired shape.


The only other thing to decide is; do you use a spatula to turn the pancakes or do you flip them yourself?


Oh, and here's a simple pancake recipe in case you're not sure on the ingredients and quantities. It' from Mary Berry, so it's going to be good!


With the arrival of Shrove Tuesday, it means that Easter is just around the corner. What will you be giving up for Lent? Let us know over on Facebook! Enjoy those pancakes folks!