To let people know about your big party we have some ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ invitations, perfect to get your guests into the celebratory mood before they arrive. When they do arrive, make sure they pose for a photograph in the Hollywood door banner, great Facebook photos of the evening!

For the buffet or drinks table we have event themed confetti & golden streamers to help set the scene whilst we also have a pack of 4 giant Hollywood banners which read ‘And The Winner Is…’ along with other phrases. They can be used indoors & outside so you can decide where to place them for the best effect! We even have a red carpet scene setter, perfect for outside the toilet so your guests queue in style as they await a vacancy!

We have trophies a-plenty so you can honour your guests for their starring roles, cinematic masterpieces & dedication to the academy that is your front room. Of course, you need to make sure some A-list celebrities turn up, so we have a range of film star masks for you including Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie! Have an award winning Oscars party everyone!