We've got a whole new range of masks in stock for easy scares this fright night. These include goblin, zombie toy monkey, skull, zombie clown and grey wolf which is perfect for fans of Teen Wolf!If you're a fan of TV and film stars for Halloween, this Harley Quinn wig is on point. This Chomp Clown mask is ideal for fans of IT, or you could bring some 'batter up' action from The Walking Dead with this horror baseball bat. Thanks Negan, we're still not over that scene!


You've seen our nightmare fairytale costumes before, starring Queen Elsa from Frozen and Belle from Beauty & The Beast. Well Snow Fright has now got an eight dwarf, he's called Zombie! Give street mime a little bit of creepiness with our male & female costumes. What a perfect pairing for his and hers Halloween attire. We've got bride & groom costumes, his and hers Mummy costumes and Day Of The Dead costumes for creepy couples. Another awesome pairing would be a Zombie American Footballer alongside someone in this Donald Trump mask. Controversial!


Enjoy all the fun of the circus with our Sinister Ringmaster, Clapping Toy Monkey and Tattoo Lady costumes. Add an Evil Court Jester to get the crowd warmed up too! We've plenty of clowns to scare your friends with too. From our Kolourful Killer Klown to our Patchwork Clown who looks like he could be out of Zombieland. Take a look at Cirque Bo Bo Clown, clown costumes for kids and if you've always feared being carried off by a clown, this fancy dress costume is for you. Don't forget a red clown nose!


You saw that we'd given Alice In Wonderland a Zombie makeover? Well now she's gone goth too, with the rest of the key characters! Check out Gothic Alice, Dark Miss Hatter & the sinister Queen Of Hearts! Add an Evil White Rabbit, just don't follow him!


Give your house a makeover for Halloween too. Lazy Bones looks great strung out between trees or bushes in your garden to welcome all the Trick or Treaters to your house on Halloween night. We also have in stock a range of animated props to enhance your scare-factor. Check out the trio of witches with infra-red sensors to make your visitors scream!

There's loads more in stock for the scariest night of the year so shop online with us or visit our party shop in Harrogate. Have fun planning for Halloween!