The race is organised by the volunteer group, the Knaresborough Lions, and is held to raise money for good causes. The event has never been called off in it's 50 year history, though the river crossing at the end of the course has been abandoned twice due to 'high water'.


The teams set off at 10 second intervals with the fastest arriving at the finish line in around 15 minutes, some quicker. The slowest take around 30 minutes. Six fast & strong runners push, with one light & able-to-shout-at-their-team-loudly individual on the bed. Large crowds can be seen throughout the course, all showing support and encouragement.


This year's race takes place this Saturday, June 10th. If you are running and need last minute decorations or fancy dress for the parade, pop to see us on Station Parade in Harrogate. Of course, if you're planning on attending the event to watch these fanatics, we have plenty of balloons, costumes, confetti and much more, for you too. If you've never been, don't miss out on this fantastic local event!

Knaresborough Bed Race