September 19th (this Tuesday!) is the date to remember and we think you should take your pirate antics to new levels. Speaking like a pirate is awesome, but how about dressing like one too?


We've got great fancy dress costumes for you. This sexy buccaneer outfit is one for the ladies, whilst our high seas pirate costume is perfect for the men. You might even fancy rocking an eye patch. For the ladies we've got a special red lace version which will shiver yer timbers! If you need a bandana & wig to look a little bit more Jack Sparrow, we've got you covered. Don't forget your pirate beard & moustache set or your hook, Captain!


You could even have a pirate party. We have fantastic pirate party supplies including table covers, paper plates and a frill to go round the party cake. If you are baking, this skull and crossbones cookie cutter is great! Don't forget your jolly cake topper and be sure to have plenty of pirate balloons around the deck!


Keep the crew buys at the party table with pirate activity books and magic slates, all part of our party bag range. Then Add a fun party game to your pirate themed party with this treasure chest piñata.


We have no doubt that once the little ones are sound asleep in their bunks, a couple of glass of rum will be consumed. Yo ho ho, let's set sail for International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2017!