Streamers are a simple way of creating a colourful atmosphere in your venue. Make everything even more colourful with face paints! A bit of red, white & blue on everyone's faces, or if you're feeling creative, the American flag, will really make the party pop!


Make sure some USA celebrities are invited too! We're thinking that Nicole Scherzinger, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie & David Hasslehoff would make welcome additions to the party! We've also got great fancy dress costumes including American GI, Pink Ladies & Wild West.


If there are children at your event, a Piñata always goes down a storm at American-esqe parties! We also have a great range of appropriate latex coloured balloons for your event, as well as complete red, white & blue ranges included tableware. You'll need some party glasses & drinks umbrellas for these USA themed cocktails we found on Cosmopolitan!


To ensure the party has a real bang, choose some of our on sale fireworks! Our single ignition fireworks are ideal as you light it, then enjoy the whole show! They're available from £3.99 but we also have some better than half price offers too! It wouldn't be 4th of July without some fireworks lighting up the sky! Collect from our Harrogate shop.


Take a look at these other ideas from Huffington Post & SurfNetKids for more inspiration. From all the Party Fever team, have a brilliant July 4th