With Facebook, you're probably in touch with a lot of your old high school pals, so organising things shouldn't be too difficult. Organise a venue (we can provide professional balloon décor if it's in the Harrogate district) and start looking forward to it.


Ladies, make sure you're skirt is the right length (just like in school!) and get your school girl pigtails wig from us! Lads, maybe some schoolboy glasses will take you back to the classroom!


You could perhaps theme it after the other high school film that everyone loves, Grease! Get the college jock costumes & the pink ladies jackets & you're onto a winner. Which couple were the Sandy & Danny of your school year? Did they make it? Maybe the reunion could rekindle old feelings!


You could coincide your event with Halloween, or just theme it around The Walking Dead. There's nothing quite like zombie schoolgirls, schoolboys & cheerleaders and we've got the fancy dress costumes to add extra fright to high school night!


Don't forget traditional whoopee cushions for perfect old school humour! Come along to Party Fever in Harrogate for great party supplies for all occasions. Enjoy the reunion kids!