Do – consider everyone. There will probably be people of all types and ages who are invited. If she has a younger sister maybe dedicate a portion of the day to an activity that they can get involved in rather than popping open the Sambuca at 10am. The mother of the bride, aunties, perhaps grandmothers will probably be there so make sure everything is suitable and focussed around the bride. Don’t forget though, with age comes experience so make use of the help that you have!

Don’t – organise the hen party too close to the wedding. Even though many people think it’s ‘traditional’, the last thing the bride will want is lack of sleep and too many shots before her big day. Make sure she has plenty of recovery time. Also, keep online photos to a minimum, especially if people start getting a little drunk!

Do – remember it’s the bride’s party; any pranks or games should be fun and not leave her feeling upset or embarrassed. With that said, make sure to prepare for the morning after by packing painkillers and plenty of water!

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