It will come as no surprise to you that we have loads of supplies for the night out! Whilst we have the traditional L plates & bunny ears, did you know there is so much more to add extra sparkle and glam to the evening? We have car signs which let everyone know that the girls are very much on tour and a pull out banner which warns of the impending madness that is about to happen. Our special Hen Night balloons look great in your cordoned off area of the club, along with wall banners and hot pink crepe streamers! Make sure everyone knows that there’s a hen party in the house!

For the gents’ stag party, we know it’s mainly about the booze, but we’ve got some great Drunk and Disorderly Labels. Perfect for labelling to your mates and sending them home. There’s 5 in a pack so you might need an extra packet if you have lightweights with you! We also have stag party dare cards, 24 cards with different dares on to get the party started!

We have iron on transfers which read ‘Bride To Be’ and ‘Hen Party’ if you’re making your own t-shirts! Make the ladies rate the fellas in the club with our Male Rating Cards. A bargain at only £1.99 and you can decide where the lad you’re checking out sits on the scale of ‘Complete Minger’ to ‘Hit The Jackpot’. Of course, no hen party would be complete without a pair of furry handcuffs, fairy wings or a hot pink feather boa! Idea alert, the stag could be dressed up in these too!

For these items & lots more please visit the Stag & Hen section of the Party Fever website or pop instore to our Harrogate shop. Have a great stag/hen party!