Whether you want to send your special someone an individual balloon or a lavish balloon bouquet we have options for you. There are over 20 different choices on our website & if you pop into our Harrogate store you’ll be able to view them & handpick! From ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ to ‘I Love You’ messages, there’s something for everyone, from boyfriends & girlfriends, to engaged couples, newlyweds & those who have been together for many-a-year! Don’t forget the single folk on Valentine’s Day either, what better time to let that certain individual know that you fancy them?!

If you can’t be with them on Valentine’s Day or want to be extra romantic & send your ‘angels eyes’ something to their place of work, our balloon in a box option is ideal! Sent through the post, when they open the box the balloon will float out to surprise them. They’ll be the talk of the office & we reckon it’ll earn you some brownie points!

Make sure to include a personal message with your balloons. They may say ‘I Love You’ but writing something that only they will understand is the most romantic this in the world. Let them know you really care & tell your Cutie Patootie, Hot Pants or Shmoopsie Poo know that you love them! Oh, if it goes really well, you could be checking out our engagement/wedding/anniversary section before you know it! Spread the love with Party Fever.