If you're planning on hosting a Halloween party, now is the time to get your invitations sent out. For that Halloween theme in your venue (or front room!) we've got a great range of decorations including skeletons, bags of skulls & vampire scene setters. If young children will be there, you might be better with cute characters rather than ultra scary!


We've got a terrifying range of tableware for Halloween parties. From orange & black paper cups to eerie ice cube trays, crazy cocktail makers & deadly drinks stirrers!


You must scare the pants off friends & family when it comes to your costume. For you fellas, how about Pinhead from cult classic Hellraiser? We've also got Zombie Death Row Inmates, Kolorful Killer Klowns & this awesome Second Skin Mummy costume which is an easy costume to wear without the need for any make up wigs or other accessories.


For the ladies we've got Zombie Flapper Girl, Graveyard Bride and Broken Doll costumes. For a twisted Alice in Wonderland look this tattered 'Zombie Malice' costume with blood splats is brilliant. Don't forget a blood dripped wig or slashed up blood drip chocker for extra special effects!


We haven't forgotten about the kids! How about a swashbuckling scary Jolly Rotten pirate costume? Or dressing up as an Alien Agent!? For the girls we've got Zombie School Girl, Velour Cat and Pink Skeleton costumes. The slightly older girls will love our Teen Star Witch costume, whilst toddlers will look scarily cute as a Storybook Witch, for only £4.99! For really simple costumes, use a black hooded cape.


Halloween make up is a must, including latex special effects! From green face paint, to theatrical blood, we've got it all! Blood capsules are great for putting in place before you arrive at a party, then biting down on mid conversation. Don't forget trick or treat supplies too!


There's no one quite as scary as Simon Cowell from The X Factor. For a simple but effective costume, just grab one of our celebrity masks & turn up. People might laugh rather than scream, but you'll certainly stand out!


The Walking Dead returns with series 7 the week before Halloween. The second episode of the new season will air in the UK on Halloween itself! So why not invest in zombie supplies for the first episode & reuse them for Halloween!


Have a great time planning what you're doing for Halloween. Visit Party Fever in Harrogate for all your Halloween costumes and supplies.