If your home needs a bit of bright colour injecting into it, upcycle old vases with balloons. Simply buy a few brightly coloured ones from Party Fever and wrap them round the outside of the vase leaving the end you normally blow into hanging down into the top of the vase for your flowers to sit in. There are some awesome photos online of how to do it.

Model them into pretend fruit. Think watermelons, pineapples and bunches of grapes. You may need to open your craft draw for some fruit-looking details.

Instead of piñatas, hang up balloons full of water. Perfect for an end of summer water fight!

Use a funnel to put confetti into your balloons. They look amazing and if you pop them, you’re showered in sparkly stuff! Tip: pop outside.

And finally, create a balloon trail for the kids, when they are in bed set up a treasure hunt for the following day - with all the clues attached to balloons. They have to collect the balloons on their way around which leads them to a room in the house where you’ve set up a huge ‘balloon drop’. Loads of fun and they’re also kept entertained for the rest of the day with all the balloons!

Have a great end of summer!