The Party Fever team in Harrogate love a good birthday and there are perhaps no better birthdays to celebrate than first birthdays. Babies learn so much in their first year, they develop through so many stages and give their parents a few lessons too!


We've got the obligatory first birthday number 1 candle for the top of their cake. This will be the centrepiece of many-a photography that you're digging out on their 18th, so make sure it's a good one! We've also got number 1 shaped cookie cutters so you can bake up a batch of delicious biscuits for everyone to enjoy. Also on the menu we've got teddy bear picks for finger food, a great addition to the buffet table or as a decoration on cupcakes!


Balloons come in all sorts of options for first birthdays. We've got latex balloons in both blue and pink. They can be filled with helium, if you want your balloons to float, (don’t forget to add a cylinder of helium to your order),or air if you are simply going to tie your balloons up with string or cover the floor. We also have foil balloons & balloon bouquets too.


Our first birthday highchair kits will ensure that even at food time, everyone knows who's birthday it is. We've also got a range of tableware including napkins, paper plates & cups to ensure the theme continues! Of course, don't forget to send out invitations or nobody will turn up!


We've got banners and badges too. To ensure that there are no birthday boo-hoos, the badges are fixed with a plastic clip and not a pin.


These quotes about first birthdays will bring a tear to your eye:


You might not be able to blow out the only candle on your cake. But as if it were the light of a million candles, your love brightens up lives in a way that no one can explain.


You will not remember the flavour of your first birthday cake but you will always be able to feel the warmth and love of your parents that went into making it.


In only twelve more years, you will become a rebellious teenager who will not like being given hugs and kisses. Until then, let me cuddle you to my heart’s content and wish you a happy 1st birthday.


If you're still reading (through tear-stained eyes!) push the boat out and pull out all the stops for the ultimate first birthday. When you look back at the photographs, you'll never regret the time you spent making sure it was absolutely perfect! Happy 1st birthday to the little bundle of awesomeness.