Everyone loves a selection box & our Imperial box contains an excellent selection of fireworks which includes rockets, wheels, barrages, fountains and roman candles. It’s an exceptional collection, perfect for larger gatherings.

Ideal for weddings, our range of sparklers will brighten up the night do! Your reception will light up the darkness as everyone writes their names and messages of congratulations to you in the air! Remember, children should be supervised at all times with sparklers and should not be given to children under the age of 5.

We also have the Wonderful Waterfalls which is a pack of two exciting fountains. They both deliver enchanting brilliant white waterfall effects with crackles. Don’t forget, we also sell portfire firework lighters. Each one burns for a good 4 minutes and makes lighting your display much easier. We also offer free products if you spend over certain amounts, ask in store for details.

You can view our full range of fireworks, including click and collect products in our latest catalogue here.  Be safe and responsible with fireworks and make sure to read the fireworks code before having your own display.