Whether it's Glastonbury, V, Leeds & Reading or another one of the many festivals gracing the land this summer, make sure you're ready with all the essentials. There's nothing quite like an air horn to help get the crowd going or wake up the fields the morning after the night before. 


Go 'far out' with our 1960s themed festival fancy dress costumes. We've got them for both the guys & the girls and you're bound to turn heads looking like someone has time travelled to the mosh pit from the past. There's plenty of flower power to make everyone groovy baby! We also have a range of other fancy dress costumes to help you stand out from the festival crowd.


We've seen flags being used so people can easily identify where they're camping, but how about a bunch of balloons instead? Pack them deflated next to your festival beers and then blow them up once you arrive, attaching them to the top of a flagpole or tying them to the top f your tent or gazebo. We've a wide range of colours and varieties to choose from. You could even break the ice with your festival neighbours by having a minion flying around!


Grab some paper cups for your “throw-it-all-in” cocktails, plates for the first night when you eat all your food and face paints, because everyone loves having their face painted at festivals! Don't forget personalised sashes if you're heading to a festival as part of a stag or hen party.


We have even more supplies in store than we do online so pop along and see us on Station Parade in Harrogate. Have a great time planning for this summers festivals and stay safe in the fields!