We have in stock Paint Glow UV reactive Face & Body Paints. These are manufactured using a wax-based system giving the product a smooth, thick and creamy application to the face and body. It does not contain artificial fragrance and it is a natural mild wax scented product. Get creative and turn you face and/or body into coloured creation. We have a rainbow of colours available so you can get as creative as you like!


You could even be a part of the newest trend of UV Glowing Glitter makeup effects.


Formulated using the finest ingredients, these UV glitter gels can be used to brighten up face painting or add that finishing touch to your fancy dress costume. They are especially popular for dancing competition makeup, kids' parties, body art, glitter tattoos and of course, festivals. They also offer stunning effects anywhere with UV lighting! This UV reactive Glitter Gel is formulated so as not to dry out or irritate the skin, and can be removed with soap and water which is great! The glitter can be applied sparsely for a subtle effect, or applied in layers for a more intense glitter effect. The glitter can be applied over Neon Face Paint for a truly spectacular UV colour/glitter ensemble. Mixing the colours of the glitter in between layers can also produce magical sparkles of colour that produce an amazing glow under blacklight. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to get creative!


Whether you're going to a 24 hour rave, doing a night time run or are indeed gearing yourself up for all the festivals ahead of us, these glow in the dark face and body paints will turn heads and make you stand out from the crowd. From painted faces which look good by day but great by night to hidden messages which only come out during the darkness, the possibilities are endless!


Plus you'll never lose your friends as they glow in the darkness! Check out Pinterest for loads of awesome ideas and be sure to send us your creations too over on Facebook.