Keep It Clean. Always use clean sponges & brushes on every face for hygienic reasons. It's also a good habit to get into. Always clean brushes and water between faces - there should be no double dipping in the paint with a dirty brush.

Suit Up Before. Always put your child's costume on before you start to paint! Whether they are Captain America or Princess Elsa, it will save you from unwanted smudges or maybe having to re-do the whole face.

One, Two, Three! Most faces can be done in three basic steps. 1. Apply base colour/colour. 2. Draw the picture or details of your face and colour them in. 3. Add finishing touches.

Kids Will Be Kids. To get excited children to calm down long enough to be painted, telling them a story as you work is a good distraction. By the third or fourth child you’ll know what works!

Clean It Off. To clean your child's face when they no longer want to be a tiger or dinosaur, we suggest using unscented wet wipes. Whilst gentle on the skin, they will also save you from staining towels and clothes.

Picture Perfect. Make sure that you have a camera on hand to capture the fully painted masterpiece before a nose gets itched!

Feel free to share photos of your painted faces with us on our Facebook page and have a wonderful summer of face-painting fun!