Use latex balloons to create giant papier mache Easter eggs! There are some great Youtube tutorials online showing you just what to do, but if you know how to do basic papier mache, you'll be fine giving it a go yourself. We have plenty of balloons in stock so you can create a whole nest of giant Easter eggs!


Use the paper napkins you've bought for the buffet table and learn how to turn them into bunnies using this tutorials on Pinterest.


Bake up a treat in the kitchen. We've got awesome cupcake cases and Easter themed picks to stick in the top. You're guests will love them, and hopefully the taste too! Maybe ask new GBBO judges Sandi Toskvig & Noel Fielding for their opinion as well!


Create ornaments in a glass jar – which are also perfect alternatives to Easter eggs! Use some shredded tissue paper at the bottom and then build a scene around it, with cute chicks, bouncing bunnies or other characters. Maybe add a few sweets!


Other simple ideas to keep everyone out of trouble include:


Face painting. Not only is it fun, kids have to sit still for a few minutes which gives them time to calm down and unwind! Choose classic Easter designs and creations like the Easter bunny, chicks or maybe put an Easter twist on a Pirate or Princess.


Mums – give yourself a little  makeover by creating mini egg nail polish designs. Add some fantastic eye lashes to complete the look!


For the Easter egg hunt you've been planning for ages (!), line up some confetti shooters at the end so each participant has to fire confetti into the air when they've finished. It will add to the fun!


Have a crackin' Easter everyone!