Get Crafty!

You’ll need a bit of time to set up your Easter Egg Hunt so why not set the kids a crafty challenge. Paint some hard boiled eggs, make some bunny ears or make baskets to collect their eggs in! Our Easter Sweet Tubs will do the trick for collecting eggs in. You could even ask them to decorate the table with our Easter Table Decorating Kit!

Keep Them Safe!

Explain to the children where the hunt boundaries are and that there are none hidden outside of this boundary. You don’t want anyone wandering off! Safety first!

Make sure it feels like Easter!

As well as spending time as a family, having a few decorations around the house will also bring an Easter atmosphere to your home. We have packs of 100 Easter cupcake cases for when everyone is chocolate-out but still wants something sweet and Easter party bubbles for more outdoor entertainment. Don’t forget that we have a whole host of balloons, including bright yellow ones, perfect for Easter! Check out the rest of our Easter supplies here and enjoy a wonderful family Easter, especially the Egg Hunt!.