Christmas ornaments are ideal; especially ones which open up or have somewhere to hide the ring. Hand it to them as you’re decorating the tree and hope they see it, or it could be the last clue on a mini Christmas treasure hunt. You could pop it in a decorative tree cracker, a Christmas stocking or even a colour changing gift box to attract their attention.

Catch her off guard. Make her believe that Valentine’s Day will be when you’re going to propose. Maybe leave a couple of fake clues around leading her to believe V-Day will be the big day; then surprise her with a Christmas proposal.

Write it in Christmas lights. You’ll be the talk of the town for being so utterly romantic. Imagine their face when they pull the car onto the drive after a day at work and written in lights is the best questions they’ve ever seen. Get inspired by this YouTube video.

Take advantage of beautiful decorations dotted around town. You don’t have to spend a fortune (the ring has probably cost you enough!) so during a walk through the festive lights, drop to one knee and in the glittering sparkle of the season, ask the question. Even better if we get a bit of snow! A top tip here is to get a friend who is good with a camera to be nearby to capture a few snaps. You could even get them to do it in secret and get one printed out for your spouse-to-be’s Christmas present!

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