Buy batteries. With toys needing X amount of batteries; make sure you have a stockpile of batteries so they can actually use their new toys when they open them. Maybe invest in rechargeable batteries and a charger.

Hit the shops a couple of days before Christmas to shop for your fresh vegetables and fruit, along with anything else which has jumped onto your shopping list.

Set the table. Sorting out the table in advance means no rush on Christmas morning. Make it even easier on the big day by putting a sticky note on each platter that states what dish you plan to serve on it. (That also allows people to help you without asking 12 times.)

If you want fresh flowers on Christmas, make sure you buy them two days before to ensure blooms have time to open up, but still look fresh and lush.

Start cooking before Christmas Day. Make anything that can sit for a couple of days and start to prepare main courses. Put the cheeseboard together and make sure any Christmas drinks are in the fridge (or outside in buckets of water if fridge space is minimal).

The day before, make sure your camcorder or camera is fully charged and has space for footage or photos. Finish last minute wrapping. Complete pre-Christmas cooking and also make a timeline for Christmas Day so you know when everything needs to be put in the oven.

Then sit back and relax with family and friends. Enjoy traditions, festivities and perhaps a glass of something tasty in front of a Christmas film.

Make sure you head to Party Fever in Harrogate for last minute Christmas supplies! Merry Christmas!