Whether they’re chocolate chip, double chocolate chip or triple chocolate chip, cookies are super tasty. Dunk them in milk, share them with friends, sneak one from the biscuit barrel when no one is looking! We have cookie cutters in all sorts of shapes, including rockets, skull & crossbones, teddy bears, stars, trains, hearts, flowers & many more! Meaning for all those cute kid’s parties you’re theming with pirates or teddies, you can now provide home baked goodies along the same theme!

To add extra sparkle and shine to cakes we also have a huge variety of edible glitter in all sorts of colours. We also sell sugar paste, jelly gemstones and sugar sheets in all sorts of colours and flavours. If you’re in need of candles to fill an entire cake with, we have plenty for you too. From standard candles in different colours and with various designs through to fountain candles for those ultimate occasions! We also sell ribbon, cupcake stands, cake frills and numbered candles to really embarrass that individual with a ‘landmark’ birthday they’d rather forget.

Don’t forget cupcake cases, flag picks, character cake decorations and sparklers too! If you’re feeling a bit patriotic we also have Union Jack Sugar Decorations which are perfect for a summer street party! Have a great party and save us a cookie! Party Fever, making your party a piece of cake!