If you're planning on serving ice cream cones at some point during the party, prescoop your ice cream, pop the scoop into a cupcake case & pop it back in the freezer in a cake tray. This makes it much easier come -everyone-wants-an-ice-cream time.


If you're having a BBQ, use condiments on the inside of buns to ensure everyone gets the type of burger they want. Simply write 'well done' or other variations in ketchup & everyone will get what they're after. If you're using 'proper' plates, set up a 'dirty dishes' zone so everyone knows where to put things when they've finished. Even better, get paper plates so there is no washing up!


Keep drinks cold with lots of frozen balloons full of water. Not only do they do the awesome job of keeping drinks cool, they look great too. You can also use these in the punch bowl, so the punch stays cold but doesn't get watered down by melting ice! When they're defrosted – cue a water balloon fight! 


Set up a 'help yourself' station for drinks so you don't have to keep doing the rounds making sure everyone has a full glass. Also, encourage guests to label their plastic tumbler or wine glass so they can use it all evening.


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