Give your loved one a night to remember in bed on Valentines Day!!!


…and before you get all hot under the collar, we mean Bed restaurant on Kings Road, Harrogate ;-)

For valentines day our offer is no offer :-)  there are plenty places to eat on Valentines night that will charge you £100 for a £20 meal and, wait for it, give you a completely free, absolutely useless plastic rose that you can treasure for, well, er…. for never :-)

At Bed we will just be serving our normal menu at normal prices in our own quirky little way …and that’s why year on year we have plenty of smiley faces from all those loved up couples that still talk to each other and go out for meals :-) … for the rest of us who aren’t working there is always Emmerdale and Corrie…:-)TV1)

So, if you want to give your partner a night to remember in Bed on Valentines Day and not have to break into a sweat (when you get the bill I mean) then why not pop down and see us on 14th February…

…and if you mention Party Fever when you book on line at, we will put something special on your table free, from Party Fever, that will make other couples think you are super romantic and special and if ya wanna tell your other half you sorted it and made an effort…then your secret is safe with us xx

If you would like any more info, please contact me at Bed on 01423 568600, or you can check our menu out on line at and even book on line too …. Easy peasy

Hopefully see ya soon


Dave xx

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