If you’re theming your party around a colour, we have balloons in every shade of the rainbow. Why not set up a balloon release? Rig up a net type device in the ceiling of your venue and fill it with balloons of your desired colour. Don’t fill them with helium or the effect will be lost when they don’t drop to the dancefloor! If you’re having a DJ, make sure they’re playing a song which gets everyone up and dancing and at the best key change, release the balloons! It’ll be amazing!

Are you in need of fancy dress? We’ve added a bunch of new costumes to our website. These include WW2 Army Pin Up, 50s College Jock, Bavarian, Harmony Hippie and Medieval Master, which is pretty good for Game Of Thrones parties! Don’t forget the kids; it’s their day off as well. If they’re still obsessed with Frozen, we have awesome supplies for Elsa and Anna wannabes! We also have lots of other Disney goodness!

Don’t forget, we also have cake decorations and candles, party tumblers and shot glasses and loads of other supplies too! Enjoy the long weekend and the four day which comes afterwards! Let us know what you’re up to over on our Facebook page and have fantastic fun!  Oh, and don’t forget to invite One Directon! It’s not a party without some celebrities turning up!