First of all, you need a balloon drop bag. Then you need balloons. Fortunately for you we have these in abundance. We've got foil balloons in a range of metallic colours and latex balloons in all the colours of the rainbow. We only stock the very best quality latex balloons, the number 1 brand manufactured by Qualatex. Our balloon range also includes balloons for birthdays, balloons for ages and balloons for special occasions.


Once you've selected your balloons suitable for the occasion, blow them all up! It might take a bit of huff and puff but take your time and get some friends and family to help. Once they're all inflated, follow the balloon drop bag instructions and you'll soon have the bag full of balloons all ready to go, just waiting for the big moment!


They're not only great for birthday parties, they work really well at other events. Think nightclubs on New Years Eve, over the door when the person walks into a surprise party or even at a product launch. Top tip – use your corporate colours if you're having a balloon drop at a business event. It'll help to strengthen your brand awareness.


Take a look over on Pinterest for more balloon drop ideas and pop into our Harrogate shop for a chat about balloons or other supplies, any time! We look forward to seeing you.