Make sure you invite the right people and do it in style. We have a wide range of invitations including these Happi Tree ones. They match the Happi Tree range and aren’t gender specific so are perfect if you don’t know what you’re having or don’t want to give it away! Don’t forget to invite everyone who needs to be there as well, remember in Friends when they forget to invite Rachel’s Mother until the last minute? Nightmare!

We have some lovely centrepieces in stock in a variety of colours which are fantastic. In addition, get some Baby’s Breath from your local florist, it’s much more than ‘filler’ and looks lovely in a tall ceramic vase. The name says it all!

Make it a fun time for everyone involved. A couple of games can really help everyone feel comfortable and get to know each other too. The ‘Mum To Be Secrets Revealed’ and ‘Measure Mum's Tum’ games are perfect novelty items for your Baby Shower Celebrations.

For food, keep it simple; we have brilliant cupcake kits and also stands to put said cupcakes on. Don’t forget confetti for the table and something for the guests to take home; Favours are a lovely extra and our pacifier ones are fun and cute.

We have so many baby party & celebration supplies in stock here at Party Fever. Pop in store to see us or order online so we can send your supplies in the post. Enjoy your baby shower!