Why pay someone to decorate your wedding car when you can do it yourself? Our pack of Ivory Wedding Car Ribbon is perfect for you to decorate the bridal procession. A nice seasonal colour too! You can even pop open the Champagne before the drinks start; our Champagne Glass Bubbles are not only great for the reception tables, they’re an amazing alternative to confetti!

We’ve got vintage rose bags for favours, vintage lotto holders if you’re giving everyone a lottery ticket and plenty of other vintage inspired supplies. Our Butterfly Shaped Scratch Trivia Cards come in a pack of 10 and are gold trimmed with gold butterfly images. These Trivia Cards are perfect for entertaining your guests and adding a fun element to your wedding tables.

We’ve got fantastic centrepieces for the reception tables, favour pails and cupcakes boxes if you’re opting for a tower of individual cakes rather than a traditional wedding cake. Make sure everyone knows who’s celebrating their big day by attaching a ‘just married’ balloon to the wedding car, the brides dress or the groom’s suit, or even better, filling their hotel room bed with balloons! We’ve got loads more wedding supplies in our Harrogate shop and also on the website, have fun wedding planning!