Our pack of Australian signs will send you from cities including Sydney and Melbourne to The Great Barrier Reef and Alice Springs! Don't forget your Outback signs too, you'll see all the animals you might discover on Australia Day. Speaking of animals, we have an inflatable Kangaroo for you, as well as an inflatable Crocodile and an inflatable Shark! What a ripper! Strewth!!!

We have also made sure to have a stock of confetti and streamers in the Australia colours and we can't forget our pack of Boomerang cut-outs, to make sure your guests always come back!

Other celebration ideas include learning to play the didgeridoo (if you can get your hands on one!), making Australian crafts (perfect for the kids!) and watching the fireworks. There will be a lot of displays 'down under' but if you want to hold your own fireworks display, trust Party Fever for your supplies. We sell fireworks all year round and can advise on what would work best or your budget and size of display.

Have a g'day and enjoy celebrating Australia Day!