Firstly, get into work early armed with balloons. Blow them all up and fill a colleagues (take on your boss at your own risk!) office space with them. Stick them to the computer screen, fill drawers with them, wherever you can think. Not only will it annoy your workmate, you could take things to another level by hiding things inside the balloons. It might be difficult to get your hands on their mobile phone, but other office essentials could be stowed away inside balloons! Of course, if you’re pulling the prank on a housemate, get home early & do the same thing but in their bedroom! This video from comedian Jared Freid will give you some ideas.

April Fools Day is on Friday this year and we know that a lot of companies have weekly meeting on a Friday. Again, get in the office early, armed with enough balloons to fill the boardroom. Enough said really. There are lots of ‘balloon cube’ pranks online, take a look at this one or get inspired by searching for them.

Place an inflatable balloon behind (or in front depending on which way they’re parked) one of the wheels of a loved one’s car. When they get in the car & set off to work, it will pop & they’ll think they’ve blown a tyre. A simple but effective trick!

If you’re feeling generous, put a £10 (or £20 if you’re REALLY generous!) inside a balloon, inflate it and then add it into a room full of balloons like the above. Send an email round letting people know and see what happens. At home, a simple note on the door of the room will have the kids going crazy, looking for extra pocket money. Whilst they look like fools, you can sit back at relax. For an even better fool, don’t put the cash in!

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