First year anniversaries are quite different to 70th anniversary parties, and rightly so. If you're a couple of youngsters, the celebration of your first year together could be almost as big as you wedding. By your 5th anniversary, you might have a child or two to consider in your celebrations. By the tenth, maybe another kid in the house, less time on your hands but celebrations should still happen. Some themes can be tricky, obviously if you're hosting a ruby, silver or gold anniversary, the theme is in the name. We've got some other ideas for your though.

How about decades? Pick the decade the couple got married & go from there. It could be the 1950s, or the 1960s. We love a bit of the 1970s & the 1990s brings a whole different era of pop music to the dancefloor!

If you're inviting lots of different couples to the party, why not theme it 'famous couples'. Of course, the anniversary are the most famous so they don't necessarily need to dress up in fancy dress, but it'll be fantastic when Barbie & Ken or Mr & Mrs Claus come walking into the party.

If the anniversary falls in summer, or if the honeymoon was somewhere hot & tropical, a Luau is the perfect theme! Encourage Hawaiian fancy dress & make sure there are plenty of cocktails!

Fortunately, even if your anniversary isn't a traditional 'milestone', our supersize star foil balloon which can include a personal message is ideal for any year you're celebrating!

Just a top tip. If you're planning a surprise party, make sure to cover yourself before going ahead & organising anything. The happy couple might have planned something themselves or be jetting off on a city break to celebrate. However you're planning on celebrating, we've got amazing anniversary balloon bouquets to help you bring the venue to life.

Let us know your top tips for anniversary parties, or indeed how you've previously celebrated anniversaries over on our Facebook page. Have fun party planning!