Have everyone dress up in fancy dress. He won't know what's going on as it will get even more ridiculous every time someone walks in, as a caveman or a pirate of a saloon girl. Make sure to get him a costume too. Then, if it's a nice day, head out for a walk somewhere. You're certain to turn heads!


Host a surprise family BBQ. Everyone heads out for a sit down meal on Father's Day. Be unique! Get the BBQ up and running (Dad isn't allowed to do it on Father's Day, however much he protests!), get some of his favourite food and decorate the buffet table good-and-proper. Themed or coloured tableware is encouraged, including paper plates, party hats and bunting too!


Be sure to have plenty of chilled beers for when everyone arrives. You'll need to bake plenty of biscuits and of course, don't forget an appropriate figure for the top of his cake!


Why not have a few fireworks when the sun sets? Nothing brings everyone together like watching the sky light up in colour. This is what memories are made of! Plenty of hugs, kisses and lovely messages.


Be sure to give him a Father's Day balloon. When the day is done and he's sat in his arm chair thinking about al the fun he's had, he'll look at it and think of his awesome family.


Have a fantastic Father's Day!