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Order ONLINE and choose either local delivery or collection for balloon bouquets. CLICK for more info
Under Halloween House Arrest - Halloween 2020

Under Halloween House Arrest - Halloween 2020

Never mind Halloween, we're all wondering what the next few weeks of Autumn 2020 will bring.  If we all stick to the latest rules will we be able to socialise with our friends again?  Has President Trump really got Covid 19? Will the new series of Spitting Image be as successful as the first?  One thing we're pretty sure about is there won't be any house to house trick or treating this year.

This shouldn't mean that the kid's can't enjoy Halloween this year!  On the contrary, we've been scratching our heads and quizzing customers for their ideas and we've compiled a selection for you here.

Halloween Themed Tea

Halloween Teatime

Put a monster feast together.  BBC Good Food has a great collection of recipes from healthy Halloween pizza to Pastry snakes.  Spider biscuits to Eerie eyeball pops.  The supermarkets have loads of Halloween inspired food too.  On a tight budget you could serve up spaghetti on toast as 'Graveyard Worms'.

We've also put some great value table packs together so you can theme your tea table and enjoy upto 10% discount on the pack purchase price.

 Trick or Treat Hunt

Trick or Treat

This is a cross between Trick or Treating and an Easter Egg Hunt.

Hide sweet treats around the house but mix them in with some tricks.  Guide them around the search area with spooky clues or signs.

Fill bowls with coloured Jelly or Spiders Web and see if they can guess what's hidden beneath.
Try our Hidden Screamers. Hidden in a dark cupboard or even the fridge they're as quiet as a mouse but as soon as they're exposed to light they let out a shriek!

  Scary Movie Night

Scary Movie Popcorn

No, we're not suggesting you expose your little ones to a super scary horror film. Please make sure you pick something that will be fun for their age group not totally terrifying.  What about Monsters Inc or Scooby Doo.  Something mystical but magical like Nanny McPhee or Mary Poppins or a bit of wizardry with Harry Potter.
Anyway settle down on the sofa, get yourself a box of  'Boo' Popcorn and some Witches' Brew and enjoy the show.

 Ghost stories

 Halloween Ghost Stories

If you've got a fire pit or log burner in the garden, get wrapped up in a few extra layers, woolly hats and torches and sit around to tell spooky tales.  You could just recite the Gruffalo or take it in turns to pass the torch and give each person the chance to invent the next piece of the story.

 Special FX Night

 Pumpkin Face

Take it in turns to do each others Halloween make-up then play 'guess who'.  There's some fa-boo-lus make-up kits around


Whatever you decide to do for Halloween, have fun and stay safe!

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